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    Capcium - Chfa Now East

    CHFA East

    Date of event

    September 15, 2022



    Capcium - Chfa Now West

    CHFA West

    Date of event

    April 23, 2022



    Capcium - Krill Softgel

    Krill: The Eco-friendly Health Supplement

    If you’re a whale, penguin or seal then you already know the health benefits of krill, as it makes up a lot of your diet already, but for those of us who don’t live in the open seas, these small crustaceans are rapidly gaining popularity as an alternative health supplement to fish oil. But are […]

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    Formulation and development

    Softgels From Capcium – Form and Function in Harmony

    Can the humble pharmaceutical softgel improve your brand? When it comes to choosing a dosage form that is easy to swallow there are two popular options, soft gel and two-piece hard gelatin capsules. They both work on a similar level, however consumer preference for softgels is prevailing. So why is this? To begin with, Softgels […]

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    Vitamin D Image

    It’s As Simple As A, B, C, Vitamin D

    Vitamin D – the sunshine vitamin. A vitamin you can absorb simply by standing outside in the fresh air and letting the Ultraviolet B light from the sun react with a chemical in your skin. The resulting Vitamin D3 is then transferred from your liver to your kidneys where it is made accessible to the […]

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