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    Softgels From Capcium – Form and Function in Harmony

    Can the humble pharmaceutical softgel improve your brand?

    When it comes to choosing a dosage form that is easy to swallow there are two popular options, soft gel and two-piece hard gelatin capsules. They both work on a similar level, however consumer preference for softgels is prevailing. So why is this?

    To begin with, Softgels are filled and hermetically sealed to better mask unpleasant tastes or smell. They come in a variety of colors, shape and sizes, offering distinctive product differentiation. Often elegant in appearance, softgels are a great way of attracting consumers to your product. But this isn’t just a triumph of form over function. Softgel capsules can accommodate a wide variety of compounds with a semi-solid, liquid, gel or paste fillings, making them flexible, effective, stylish and desirable.

    It is these oils and paste fillings, where pharmaceutical and nutritional ingredients need to be dissolved or suspended in a carrier oil, that make softgels so suitable. In addition, Softgel capsules offer precise dosing compared to formulas in a tincture form. They can also increase bioavailability of poorly soluble compounds compared to ingredients formulated in a hard gelatin capsule.

    Manufacturing softgels is a true science, providing an opportunity to quickly develop reproducible simpler manufacturing processes, posing minimal regulatory risks.

    And while on the subject, softgels are also tamper-proof. A tampered or punctured soft gel will leak or become discoloured, showing evidence of a potential problem. This provides consumers with a greater sense of security while taking their supplements or medication.

    When partnering with a specialist softgel manufacturer like Capcium, you will always benefit from our expertise in creating the ideal formulation for your product. We partner with our customers as an extension of your business, avoiding your own capital outlay.

    So when we talked about the softgel being humble at the start – it’s actually nothing of the kind. In Capcium’s hands it’s a brilliant and finely tuned piece of pharmaceutical intelligence, that can give your brand wider recognition, create greater customer loyalty and hand you a distinct advantage over your competitors.

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