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    Innovative solutions in health and wellness

    The softgel service provider of choice for the pharmaceutical, over the counter, and health and wellness industries.


    The benefits of softgels

    Softgel gelatin capsules have some distinct advantages. It is a preferential dose form over tablets and hard gelatin capsules, through consumer familiarity they are easy to swallow and can mask unpleasant odors and tastes.

    Capcium - Hermetically Sealed
    Hermetically Sealed
    Capcium - Rapid Absorption
    Rapid Absorption
    Capcium - Precise Dosing
    Precise Dosing with Targeted Release
    Capcium - Taste
    Easy to Swallow, No Bitter Taste or Odor
    Capcium - Oxygen Sensitive
    Ideal for Oxygen Sensitive Compounds

    Consumer Ratings

    Consumers have indicated that the following dosage form attributes were most important to them.

    Characteristics Softgels Capsules Tablets Gummies
    Easy to Swallow
    Doesn’t get stuck in your throat
    Rapid Absorption-Fast acting
    Leaves no bad after taste
    Tamper resistant
    Less irritation to gastrointestinal tract
    Works the quickest out of all forms

    The Capcium Way

    From start to finish, delivering high quality products. Extension of your own team, as a trusted partner to accelerate your business. Capcium can manage your contract manufacturing soft gel needs in one place.

    Capcium - Formulation Know-How
    Formulation Know-How
    Capcium - Experienced Team
    Over 100 years of cumulative experience
    Capcium - Customer Focused
    Customer Focused Services
    Capcium - Tech Transfer
    Technical Transfer
    Capcium - Packaging and Labelling Services
    Packaging & Labelling
    Capcium - Experienced Team
    Quality & Compliance
    Capcium CBD Services
    Project Management
    Capcium CBD Services
    Analytical Sevices
    Capcium - Commercial Batches and Size Versatility
    Pilot & Commerical Scale
    Capcium - Innovative Solutions
    Innovative Solutions

    Solutions for all fields of health

    Capcium manufactures with industry leading safety and quality standards, we provide regulatory support for the marketed territories and for the market segment applications.

    Capcium - Pharmaceutical Solutions


    Capcium leverages ways to increase efficiency to accelerate time to market through a more collaborative, customer-focused drug life cycle. Our precision-focused, pharmaceutical-grade cGMP manufacturing operation’s agility supports the specific needs of our pharmaceutical customers.

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    Capcium - Over-the-Counter Solutions

    Over the Counter (OTC)

    Capcium is dedicated to developing and manufacturing name brand and non-prescription drug products in the most cost effective solutions to support the growing market demand, from pain relievers analgesics, to cough and cold medication.

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    Capcium - Nutritional Solutions


    Capcium’s ability to handle oils, complex pastes and size diversity formulations with no leakages, ensures that your final dose product will be compliant with all the regulations, meeting its label claim and achieve its optimal ingredient delivery.

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    Certifications & Compliances

    GMP Manufacturing Good Practice
    Santé Canada - Health Canada
    US FDA
    European Medicines Agency

    Our Facility



    Capcium was offically founded late 2015; construction of the new facility was completed in August 2020 located in Pointe-Claire, Quebec. Its commercial capabilities manufactures products for the Pharmaceutical, Over-the-Counter, and Health & Wellness markets.


    Fully operational, the new facility is pharmaceutical grade and compliant with all major cGMP pharmaceutical standards including Health Canada, FDA, and EMEA. As a result, Capcium will be able to service the highest-grade pharmaceutical production.

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    Softgels, what we do best, our focus, our experience, your contract manufacture service provider of choice.

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