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Where Technology Meets Craft

Softgels are not only the best option for ingredient stability and enhanced bioavailability, they also possess multiple advantages that help in producing a precision dosing method that will be the preference of patients and other consumers. With customizable shapes, colours, and even flavours and scents, Softgels help your brand stand out while being more appealing to the end-user.

Already an increasingly popular dosing method in the prescription, over-the-counter, and health & wellness markets, Capcium is ready to manufacture your product and package it to your specifications. Whatever the product, market, or consumer preference, we can offer softgels in a variety of gelatin forms: Bovine/Porcine, Fish, Vegetarian.

Preferred by Brands, Patients and Consumers

Precise Dosing

Precise dosing and improved content uniformity of low dose compounds

Easy to Swallow

Easy to swallow dose form

Convenient & Discreet

Improve bioavailability of poorly water–soluble and poorly permeable compounds

Rapid Absorption

Rapid absorption

Tailored Appearance

Tailored appearance, flavour and colour

Preferred by Patients & Other Users

Preferred by patients & other users