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    Enhancing patient care

    The softgel service provider of choice for the pharmaceutical, over-the-counter, and health & wellness industries.


    Our Pharmaceutical Services

    We offer high-quality, cost-efficient pharmaceutical soft gels. With our years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and with our incredible R&D, Production, QA, and QC, we can deliver products of varying complexity to you that are ready for the market.

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    Highest quality soft gel in the market
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    Years of experience
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    Affordable and honest prices
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    We deliver your product ready for market

    Pharmaceuticals Therapeutic Areas

    Growing therapeutic markets and how soft gels can be the preferred formulation dose

    Capcium - Oncology
    Capcium - Gastrointestinal
    Capcium - Womens Health
    Women’s Health
    Capcium - Health and Wellness
    Capcium - Pain and Inflammation
    Pain & Inflammation

    Our softgels

    Our core focus is soft gel encapsulation. A delicate combination of both science and art, softgel encapsulation is a tricky task to perfect which creates an obstacle for most brands as they don’t have the know-how or elaborate infrastructure required. Our unique combination of strategic and hands-on expertise will help you to deliver high-quality products to your consumers.

    Capcium is an innovative, pharmaceutical grade and fully licensed value-add service provider to its customers. We consistently deliver high-quality products that you can trust to put your name to.

    Softgel capsules
    Appearance & Benefits
    • Transparent or opaque, colored or flavored
    • Choice of color and opacity level for light sensitive ingredients can enhance shelf life and stability or simply offer dose differentiation by color identification
    Polymer & Benefits
    • Bovine, Porcine, or Fish Gelatin
    • Polymer choice diversity to meet varying religions dietary laws requiring Halal, Kosher certification and fish gelatin as a replacement for Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), and Foot-and-Mouth Disease concerns
    Oxidation & Odor Benefits
    • Mask unpleasant odors and taste of active ingredients
    • Hermetically sealed technology, protects the internal contents, prevents any oxidation and permeation of strong odors and taste attributed to the active ingredients
    Hermetically Sealed & Benefits
    • Tamper evident, precise dosing
    • High precision, greater accuracy per dose, greater stability of liquid or semisolid fill active ingredients protected by the external gelatin shell


    Since our inception, we have maintained our goal of providing high-value-added products. With a team of dedicated professionals across several departments, we have focused on processes that allow our products to deliver superior results.

    We have served and are serving several clients in the pharmaceutical & nutraceutical markets, encapsulating softgels of different complexities. At Capcium, we want to be able to continue manufacturing products that make the lives of people easy and convenient and make lasting difference in the healthcare world.

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    Softgels, what we do best, our focus, our experience, your contract manufacture service provider of choice.

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