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    Best manufacturing practices with our expertise

    The softgel service provider of choice for the pharmaceutical, over-the-counter, and health & wellness industries.


    A facility that redefines state of the art

    Capcium’s commercial capabilities manufacture Pharmaceutical, Over the Counter, and Health & Wellness products at our new facility in Pointe-Claire, Quebec. The construction of the new facility was completed in August 2020.

    The New Facility is the first of its kind, state-of-the-art facility, designed specifically for the development and manufacturing of Pharmaceutical, Over the Counter, and Health & Wellness products.

    The New Facility is cGMP compliant meeting the pharmaceutical standards for Health Canada, FDA, and EMEA regulations.


    Softgel capsules

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    Our service capabilities

    Whether your product has solubility issues—as do a significant percentage of drugs in development—or your brand is looking for a product line extension, soft gels may be the best-finished dosage solution. With multiple options available, choosing the right partner to develop your prescription therapeutics (Rx) or consumer healthcare product can be a difficult decision.

    We bring years of experience from development through commercialization with our dedicated encapsulation facility in Pointe Claire, Quebec, and the capacity to produce millions of soft gels annually. Our incredible R&D department is skilled in developing soft gel formulations of different complexities. In combination with our in-house testing by our QC and QA team in collaboration with reliable third-party testing sites, we deliver the soft gel product that satisfies all parties.

    Capcium - Prescribed Supplements
    Bottling Services

    Capcium delivers convenient reliable one stop shop integration of manufacturing, filling and secondary packaging for soft gels with a variety of bottle configurations.

    Capcium - Shell
    Printing Services

    We provide solutions for all types of printing needs to meet ingredient composition requirements for the intended markets for all types of pharmaceutical and nutritional products.

    Capcium - Formulation Development
    Analytical Testing

    Our expert QA and QC teams, coupled with our investments in analytical instruments, are predicated on the implementation of our laboratory services in a fully GMP-compliant manner.

    Capcium - Tech Transfer
    Technology Transfer (Softgel)

    As an extension of your R&D team. A trusted partner paying attention to detail to meet your tight timeline commerical launch needs whether it is a new product launch or moving your products from another site.

    Capcium - Quality
    On-site Warehouse

    Our on-site warehouse is cGMP compliant and allows for the storage of both raw materials and finished goods ensuring the optimal humidity & temperature controls are kept.

    Capcium - Procurement Services
    On-site Procurement

    Seasoned procurement team are there to support turnkey product offering. With a strong relationship with their vendors, they follow market price fluctuations and plan inventory control to minimize price variances for our customers.

    Capcium - Development
    Project Management

    Our Project Management team comprises experienced professionals with decades of experience in the industry, ensuring the most efficient project planning and team management so that your product gets the treatment and prioritization it deserves.

    Capcium - Customer Focused
    Logistics & Compliance Support

    Our Logistics and compliance team carries on vital and critical roles in ensuring that the proper raw materials are in place for production and that manufactured products are processed as efficiently as possible to avoid delays in shipping to clients.

    Our Equipment Capabilities

    Gel Tanks
    Fill Tanks
    Drying Tunnels

    Certifications & Compliances

    GMP Manufacturing Good Practice
    Santé Canada - Health Canada
    US FDA
    European Medicines Agency

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    Softgels, what we do best, our focus, our experience, your contract manufacture service provider of choice.

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